Photography is more accessible now than ever. We all have cameras on our phones and mobile devices. Anyone can take a photo of a space. This advance n technology has changed the expectations for online branding - when representing listings, rentals, or corporate spaces, professional branding requires professional photography.

Equipment Matters

Quality photos can be made using basic gear - if the photographer knows how to get the most out of that gear. Today’s devices and consumer grade cameras can capture quality photographs if they are matched to the specific need of the space. Professional gear can transform those quality photos to great photos. Having the ability to maximize settings beyond the capabilities of consumer equipment is important - especially in indoor environments.

Experience Matters

The best cameras, lenses, and lighting systems do not do any good if you don’t know how to use them. While professional photographers value their equipment, they know that their true advantage is their experience. Knowing how to adjust for specific lighting conditions or an unusual room layout is something that only experience provides.

Editing Matters

While getting it right “in camera” is always the goal of any professional photographer, architectural photography presents challenges that are rarely possible to master completely without some editing. In a portrait studio, the photographer can control all aspects of the environment. In on-location architectural photography, most of the environment is outside of the photographer’s control. Shadows, uneven lighting, angles, reflections - and countless other challenges - are all a part of the everyday photography experience. Some of these issues can be minimized using the camera gear. The rest are addressed using image editing software. Architectural photographers often spend as much (or more) time processing their images in editing software as capturing them.

Why choose bhamtours?

Over 20 years ago, the photographers at bhamtours began photographing real estate in the Birmingham area. Over the years, we have expanded beyond the real-estate market. Commercial architectural photography, property management portfolios, and short-term rentals all need professional photography - but not the same type of images. We understand the unique needs of each market, and have developed techniques for each market to ensure the best possible fit.

At bhamtours, we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to deliver. Let us know how we can help you with your architectural and interior photography needs.